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Yesterday I dropped off our 22 beautiful shawls yesterday with Jim Hubert from the Luke 3:11 Project. I had a nice chat with him, and he was very grateful for our donation. He does not need additional scarves this winter. He said the next time he would need more scarves is between October and November. If you already have some made, you can either hang onto them or give them to me at the next prayer shawl meeting and I can hang onto them until next fall. For now, keep making a few more scarves if you’d like to prepare for next fall or knitting/crocheting prayer shawls.

Our scarves now have a tag attached saying, made with love by Christ Church Cathedral, Prayer Shawl Ministry. On the back side of the tag, it has our address, phone number, email, and web site address. You never know when this might bring someone to our faith community.

Thank you all so very much for the amazing work that you do!

Becky Van Es

The kids had a great time!
Covered in chocolate and frosting
- and all smiles!!

Their products sold fast today!
If you missed it, there will be another 
opportunity to buy cookies, breads,
and candies tomorrow after church!


We were blessed with lots of cookies this year! Come and shop again tomorrow after the 9:00 service.

Thank you to everyone that participated! A special THANK YOU to Deb Christianson & Wendy Clark who led the charge this year!

We had a blast!


 | Judy Berthiaume