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Join the Episcopal Parish Networks upcoming free workshop, Prepping for an Endowment:

What to think about when establishing an endowment, tomorrow, June 13, 2:00 pm Central, via Zoom. 

No endowment? A better way to think about this topic is ’no endowment – yet.’ Establishing an
endowment for your church is a signal that you are hopeful and visionary. Endowments aren’t a luxury for Episcopal churches, they are confirmation we believe in the future of the church and will do what’s necessary to ensure our unique Episcopal witness endures for generations.
Endowments mean your church believes in the future.

Panelists will cover a variety of questions on establishing an endowment, such as:
• When is a
good time to get started?
• What should you discuss?
• Where do funds come from?
• What do you need
 to have in place to be ready for a future gift?

Leave this workshop with the information needed to address what you need to know to plan for,
manage, and oversee an endowment today.

Register here.

 Episcopal Parish Network


On June 12th, 2012, three people headed to downtown Eau Claire, WI, to evaluate the needs of people living without permanent shelter.  They brought a cooler of water and a few boxes of granola bars and did not know who they would find or what conditions they would find themselves in.  Originally known as Plymouth Street Ministry, we've grown and are now a staple for the homeless community to receive not only clothing, food, water and other items, but also unconditional support.  This is an excerpt from one of the Street Ministry's earliest journals, it describes what we do perfectly:
      "From its earliest days Plymouth Street Ministry has had a philosophy of being with the people we serve as equals.  We met them, and still meet them, in their territory.  They don't need to go to an intimidating office and talk to someone across a desk--we are there among them, evening if it means standing for over an hour in below zero temperatures.  We have never proselytized, although we will pray with people if they ask for it and initiate it.  The people we serve have often been lectured to, preached at, and judged by religious institutions and we don't want to do that.  Instead, we share God's love by simply loving them.  We try to love all, to help all, and to judge no one, and we know that those we serve are every bit as important as we are in God's eyes, perhaps even more important because of their need."
Now, in 2024, we're serving 60+ people each evening when we're out and taking calls on "off days."  The needs have changed drastically from twelve years ago: mental health concerns have skyrocketed, hopes for housing have plummeted. There seems little way of moving past this situation for the majority of the people we serve.  There are more people living on the street with chronic health conditions who try to manage their needs in a difficult environment.  People are more stressed and tense as they survive day to day, from one season to another and from one year to another.  We've streamlined our services to consistently and reliably provide for the needs of our brothers and sisters as they are on their journey.
From the start of the street ministry, we have been funded solely through the generosity of churches, individuals, businesses, etc. Without you, we could not meet people where they're at and support their needs.  Whether the contributions are in monetary form or material donations, we have always been blessed with your generosity. From all of the volunteers, THANK YOU.  
As we continue forward with the street ministry, please keep the people we serve in your thoughts and prayers and if able, please continue to support the street ministry by donating.  Your donations truly do make a difference to this community.  It is heartwarming to see the relief, almost disbelief, on a person's face when they ask for something and we provide it without condition.  Again, thank you!
Blessings always,
Chippewa Valley Street Ministry - Staff

Join us at the James W Hansen Gallery for Motherly, a captivating art exhibition running from May 24 to September 8, 2024. There is an Art Talk & Reception on Friday, June 21, from 5-7pm.

This mixed-media installation explores the profound love between a mother and her child, featuring the artwork of Tim Brudnicki, Joe Maurer, and Ross Nordquist. Inspired by the natural simplicity of nests, the exhibit beautifully parallels how mothers pass down wisdom and love. Celebrate maternal love in art with us!

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