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Support the Hawai'i Fire Response ~ What You Can Do

Dear friends,

High winds from Hurricane Dora and drought conditions combined to accelerate the growth of brush fires that devastated the Lahaina community in Hawaiʻi. Episcopal Relief & Development is in contact with the Episcopal Diocese of Hawaiʻi in the wake of wildfires that have killed many people and displaced hundreds of families on Maui.

We are calling on churches to help support our response to those who have been affected. For your convenience, we have packaged language for you to copy and paste on your website or other church communication, a QR code to use for flyers, bulletin inserts to print out as well as an announcement to share with your congregations on Sunday.


Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions.

Episcopal Relief & Development


Thank you to all who were able to participate in the August 8th card making event in the Memorial Lounge! The assembled team was able to create some beautiful cards with a hand chosen Bible verse that we are excited to share with others! 

Whether you have a card-related talent or claim no talent, we would love you to join us for our future events. No experience or talent needed - if you can wield a glue stick, you can make cards.

Bible Verse & Message Used on the Inside of Each Card


The Final Product!

The first Sunday of the month will now be "Ingathering Sunday".

Our Community Outreach programs include Beacon House, Community Table & The Needful Things Personal Care Pantry. On the first Sunday of the month, in addition to bringing in Personal Care Pantry items (see the article for items needed), there will be an opportunity to contribute financially to our outreach ministries. This will help us to reach our financial commitments for each of these ministries.

Thank you for your continued support!

Community Table Bimonthly Dinner Service

Needful Things Personal Care Pantry Monthly Nonfood Drive

Beacon House Quarterly Meal Preparation and Distribution

We've seen a significant change in the weather since our last journal. After experiencing some intense heat and humidity, it now feels like fall is in the air. We're adding more hoodies and sweatpants to the van each time we go out and have been getting requests for lightweight jackets. It won't be long until we'll transition from shorts and sandals to gloves and boots -- hopefully, not too soon! We're continuing to deliver water to those in need on a daily basis to help with hydration.

We encountered a man last night that we've known for several years. When he arrived, he was somewhat obstinate but after sitting with him and listening to his concerns, he softened. He has a couple of problematic toes that need far more attention than we can provide on the street. It was painful for him to walk and when he arrived, he only had one shoe. After sitting and listening to him, we provided clean and dry socks as well as a pair of shoes. He wasn't sure he'd be able to get into the shelter and requested a blanket in case he stayed out at night. The visit reminded us of the importance of listening and the ministry of presence. We may have provided important items for this man but listening to his story and being a support was equally, if not more, important.
Listening and caring are just as important
as the items we provide.
Another man that came to our table informed us that he was going to be starting chemotherapy for a form of cancer the next day. He asked for an extra hoodie to layer over his two shirts as he was cold. Physically, he was pale and looked fragile compared to previous visits. Imagine being without 24/7 shelter when facing a serious illness and treatment...

Just before we left for the evening, a man came to us and said that he was embarrassed to ask for help but he needed a pair of sweatpants. We tried to reassure him that there was no need for embarrassment and that we were there to cover needs. He said that he'd never imagined himself in this situation and didn't know "how" to be homeless. He didn't want to stay and talk as the shelter was going to open soon but we did quickly tell him when we were going to be back and invited him to come again. We noted that he has a vehicle and likely spends a significant amount of time in it.

This dragonfly came and visited us for a good amount of time and watched our brothers and sisters as they came and went.
We like to think of it as a watchful symbol of hope for our friends 
As we leave the hot summer behind and move into a more temperate time of year, please keep those we serve in your thoughts and prayers. The nights can be cool and even now, there can be some hazards related to the temperature.

Blessings to all,
CVSM Staff