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Artist in Residence

510 S. Farwell St., Eau Claire WI 54701 • 715.835.3734 Map to the Cathedral

For thousands of years, the Church has been a great patron of the arts. Practitioners of the arts have the ability to bring to light deep truths that would otherwise remain hidden, and so in our regular worship we enjoy the illumination brought by the music, architecture and visual art surrounding us at the Cathedral. We believe that at their root the Church and the arts thrive in partnership as seekers after truth. In recognition of this fact and in the interest of further deepening our spiritual journey while sharing the gifts we have been given, we offer the Cathedral Artist in Residence program.Artwork by resident artists Lori Chilefone, Catelyn Mailloux and Ellie Pope

We invite artists in any media to apply for the position of Artist in Residence at the Cathedral. Two artists will be chosen to receive the free use of studio space in our facility for the period of one year. During this year, each artist will deliver two lectures on their art practice and at the end of the year, will donate one work to the Cathedral's permanent collection. During the year the Cathedral will also mount an exhibition of each artist's work, if the artist desires it.

The Cathedral Artist in Residence program seeks to revitalize the ancient connection between the Church and the creation of contemporary art, as well as connections to our local neighborhood, the university and the wider community, and to benefit artists who otherwise may not have the space in which to continue their practice of art.