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Episcopal Wisconsin Trialogue

Welcome to the first newsletter for the Episcopal Wisconsin Trialogue. The Episcopal dioceses of Eau Claire, Fond du Lac, and Milwaukee are exploring how reunification to one diocese may better equip us to be the church God is calling us to be in these times.

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January 14 gathering in Stevens Point

News brief on Trialogue meeting January 14

Members of the Trialogue task forces and steering committee gathered for the first time in person Saturday, January 14, in Stevens Point to hear a presentation on adaptive leadership and change by the Rt. Rev. Sean Rowe, bishop of the Diocese of Northwest Pennsylvania and bishop provisional of the Diocese of Western New York, followed by a round-table discussion on their respective work so far and the challenges and opportunities ahead. Hosting the gathering was the Beloved Community, the joint Episcopal/Lutheran ministry of Episcopal Church of the Intercession and Redeemer Lutheran Church pastored by the Rev. Jane Johnson.

Bishop Rowe noted that exploring the reunification of three dioceses is a major adaptive challenge, one that requires stakeholders—the people of the dioceses—to identify the nature of the challenge and its solution. Adaptive problems, he said, are distinct from technical problems, which are challenges we understand clearly and know how to solve, even if the solution is complicated. Heart surgery, he said, is a technical problem; although it is complicated, a heart surgeon has the required expertise. But discerning the role of the institutional church in the 21st century is adaptive: no expert has the answer, so we have to figure it out together.

Because an adaptive problem has no known solution, it requires developing a process that helps people manage and distribute loss, he said. "With adaptive change, you are asking people to change values, behaviors, and beliefs," he said, "much of which was hard won," and therefore run the risk of sparking resistance. Only by engaging the stakeholders can the church move forward.

“We’re going to ask you to give something up for a missional wager,” Rowe said, offering a suggestion about how stakeholders might be inspired to embrace change. “The scripture is clear: the elders dream dreams. We want this vision for our children and grandchildren, for future generations. This is bigger than ourselves.”
Bishop Rowe speaking to the steering committee and task forces

Bishop Gunter speaking at the gathering

Prayer Cards Available

The Prayer and Discernment Task Force is offering prayer cards for use by individuals and congregations across the Dioceses of Eau Claire, Fond du Lac, and Milwaukee. Permission is granted to download, print, and share.

Affinity Groups Are Now Forming

We welcome the opportunity to meet with like-serving members of all Wisconsin congregations. Affinity groups include a variety of ministry teams: altar guild, music, adult/youth formation, outreach, social justice, Vestry/Jr. and Sr. Wardens to share ideas, curricula, best practices, innovative ideas, and more.

Please contact Lee Donahue at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to lead or join an affinity team. We look forward to hearing how you and other members of your parish would like to be connected. Please forward this email to others who may express an interest.

The Trialogue discussion and discernment process continues - please check out these informational sites with FAQ's, Taskforce and Steering Committee members/minutes, online forums, projected milestone dates and Videos from the Bishops.
There is information about this process at the website below, or if you prefer, Fr. Benjamin says to "corner him at coffee and he will be happy to tell you what he knows.”
Each Wed at 5PM Central time, the Prayer and Discernment Taskforce hosts a prayer meeting which lasts about 15 minutes. All parish members are welcome to join - Click Here to access the Zoom meeting
For more information about Trialogue contact:
Sr. Warden Carla Corbin (Communications Task Force)
Tim Donahue (Steering Committee member)
Lee Donahue (Communications TF facilitator)
or Bob Weathers (Finance committee member)
Steering Committee members, Tim Donahue, Rev. Kathy Charles, Rev. Aaron Zook

Communications Task Force members - Lee Donahue (Facilitator), Carla Corbin, Rev.
Constitutions and Canons Task Force - Jim Pelish, Rev. Aaron Zook, Dave Bauer
Culture and Tradition Task Force- Linda Georgeson, Rev. Philip Morgan
Finance Task Force - Garret Connover, Bob Weathers
Parish and Regional Engagement Task Force - The Very Rev. Scott Kirby, Edie McDougal, Rev. Dcn. Steve Russell, & Steering Committee Liaison, Tim Donahue 
Prayer and Discernment Task Force- Rev. Dcn Marlene Hogue (Facilitator), Rev. Dcn Bill Power, & Steering Committee Liaison, Rev Canon Kathy Charles 
Structure Task Force - The Very Rev. Benjamin Thomas (Co-Facilitator), Lynda Grece, Jim Pelish