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Camp is an intergenerational experience which has transformed the lives of many people. Here is a report from one of our very own parishioners who attended the camp in 2018. If you have anyone that is interested in participating, we are working on a bake sale fundraiser (June 5th) to help offset the cost and will also have scholarships available. We need to know who is interested right away. Please email or call the office if you are interested! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 715.835.3734.

My First Year at Camp Crosswood's

My first year was a blast! The schedule of camp is you get up, if you don't want to go to the early adventure, you sleep in. Then after awhile you get up for breakfast. Then you go on your morning adventure, after that you go back for lunch and dessert! Then we get free time. Later we have dinner and dessert. Then the adults do a skit. Finally you have jaw time and that's the end of the day. Let's get to the activities: water wars is a kayaking game where you have to find the other teams ball. There's a red team and a blue team, the kayak will have a colored buoy depending on the team you are on. If someone pulls your buoy you have to go to an adult and get it on. If you have the ball and someone pulls your buoy then you drop the ball in the water, no re-hiding. There's another game in the dead of night where you put on your darkest clothing, you have to hide from the people with flashlights and get tickets. If you get caught you give them your tickets. If you don't have any, they punish you. Praising and worshipping is important there. The adult Izzy did grace Jurassic World themed. Because she loves dinos. We would all sing worship songs and dance and do grace before every meal, and we all had fun!


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