Our own Katie Van Es is spending two years in Senegal with the Peace Corps. You can read about her experiences on her blog.

Read on to learn about her project and how to offer support.


Dear Christian Friends of Katie Van Es,
We are excited to tell you about Peace Corps Partnership Program project.  Since its inception in 1964, the Peace Corps Partnership Program has helped thousands of Peace Corps Volunteers implement community-initiated projects worldwide.  Now Katie is taking on a new Girls Camp project in Senegal, Africa that needs your support.
This project, developed to address a pressing community need, will be implemented by both Katie and local partners.  This project will benefit the people of the community for many years to come. The camp is named Gem Sa Bopp, which means believe in yourself. Here is what Katie has to share with you about the camp, "In the U.S. girls have many opportunities to become and do whatever they dream.  Here in Senegal girls and women do not have that luxury.  If they have grown up in a bigger city then maybe they will create a life outside of the house for themselves.  However, many women in my village of Affe will never leave because they do not have the opportunity.  They also do not have the support system in place that many girls in the U.S. are lucky to have.  Many girls are expected to get married at a fairly young age and begin a family.  These women are some of the strongest women I have met.  They cook and clean and take care of children all day without the modern conveniences the western world has.  However, many girls drop out of school when they are teenagers either by choice or by outside pressures.  Men do not have those outside pressures to drop out.  In fact in most cases they are pressured to finish school.  When asked what they would like to do when they grow up, many girls say doctor, midwife, teacher, or something similar.  They have the same dreams that little girls in the U.S. do but do not have the same liberties to realize these dreams.  In September a group of Peace Corps Volunteers, myself included, will be holding a camp in Saint Louis, Senegal for 12-15 year old girls.This is an amazing opportunity and experience for Senegalese girls to get outside of their village and meet successful women.  Please consider donating even five dollars, every little helps!"
In order to begin implementation, Katie must raise $5,258.75 from friends, family and other interested donors.  Katie and the people of the community are asking for your assistance to turn this project into a reality.

The easiest way to donate is to use this link, 685-213, or visit the Peace Corps website and search by the project number, 685-213.  Although the web site is the quickest way to make a donation, you may also make a check payable to Peace Corps Partnership Program and send it to:
Paul D. Coverdell Peace Corps Headquarters
Peace Corps Partnership Program, OPSIDo
1111 20th Street NW
Washington DC 20526
Be sure to indicate the project number, 685-213, on the check so it will be applied to the correct project.  Please note that due to security procedures, checks sent to Peace Corps via regular mail can take up to 4 weeks to reach their destination.  We strongly recommend donors to send check payments through an expedited service such as FedEx or UPS as this will dramatically speed up the delivery process.
Also, if you’re looking for ways to make your donation go even farther, check with your employer to see if they have a matching gifts program; many companies match donations dollar for dollar. Furthermore, consider forwarding this email to anyone else who may be interested in supporting Katie.  Remember that gifts supporting this project are tax-deductible!
Please feel free to contact the Peace Corps office directly at 202.692.2170 or 1.800.424.8580 x2170 with any questions you might have. Your support will go a long way to aid Katie’s efforts in Senegal.
Thank you!
Ken & Becky Van Es